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Circus Amok is a New York-based, one ring, no animal, queerly-situated, political circus spectacular.  We’ve been touring the parks of New York City for 18 years.  We are jugglers, acrobats, stilt dancers, puppeteers, writers, theorists, sculptors, painters, and musicians.  Each year we create a new show addressing a new social justice concern and bring it to 15 different parks across  New York for free!!

We’ve created shows about wars and healthcare, sub-prime mortgages and honey bees.   Our cast and band have included many of downtown New York’s greatest stars: Jennifer Monson, Scotty Heron, Jenny Romaine, Tanya Gagne,  Adrianne Truscott, Michelle Matlock, Osmany Tellez…the list goes on and on.   We’ve been awarded an Obie and a Bessie, and an Eichelberger.

After a 3-year hiatus, Circus Amok will return to the parks of New York City for our 19th (!!) celebratory spectacle in September 2012!

We need your help.  We truly, truly can’t bring the show to you—and to thousands of others—without the success of this Kickstarter campaign. Individual contributions have become the lifeblood of the Circus’s survival.  A donation of $100 rents us valuable rehearsal space.  A donation of $500 buys the sequins, fabric, and feathers necessary for glamorous new costumes (or to spruce up some old ones) $1,000 buys new acrobatic equipment.  $5,000 brings us to five new parks!  Even small donations of $20 add up, and up, and allow us to get our show perked up, packed up and on down the road.

We know times are hard.  We know that you’re feeling that peculiar wavering uncertainty, but we believe that cultural action in complicated times is vital to our society, and even more vital to our souls!  We bring beautiful music to weary ears and feats of derring-do to people tired of “no you don’t!”  We keep important issues alive in the public sphere, and all of it absolutely free!

Yes we Camp!!

Your unwavering support helps us bring our loud, in-your-face, no-animal, celebratory queer spectacles to parks across the city—from the top of the Bronx to the tip of Brooklyn.  We thank you, tremendously, for your support.

And — if we succeed — we’ll see you in YOUR PARK!!


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